I help clients grow.

Since 2005, I’ve helped clients win new business by developing their proposition, messaging, sales process – and then identifying and engaging their prospects using my small team.

The first thing I’ll do is talk to you, over a coffee or on the phone to understand you and your needs; the challenge you have, what you’re looking to achieve, your differentiation – the ways we can truly help.

What I do

I’m Jon Cunningham – and I’ve been involved in Business to Business (B2B) Business Development and Sales since the late 1990s.

I’ve worked in the UK, Europe and the US helping clients to grow their businesses, find new channels and sell to some of the biggest global companies (resulting in business worth millions).

I’m a Business Development Consultant backed by a small, skilled team; and as ‘Hob-Nob’ we’re proud to deliver huge value to clients who need a high quality, intelligent Business Development approach.

We help clients in a number of areas: B2B Business Development and Sales Consultancy, BD strategy and tactics, sales process optimisation, proposition/messaging development – and the use of systems/technology to improve efficiency and communication; for some clients I even manage their entire Business Development process/activity (with my team’s support).

Long as it is, this is not an exhaustive list – and I love speaking to people to understand their challenges and see how I can help them with their Business Development.

Success Stories

In the past decade, we’ve helped businesses to grow their revenue and client base – and become stronger:

We’ve helped one-man start-ups become multi-million pound turnover businesses, we’ve increased companies’ valuations to help them to gain investment or attract buyers – and we regularly identify opportunities with senior people in big organisations.

We’ve identified recent opportunities with businesses including:

How are we different?

  • Connector.


    Honesty is in our DNA: we’ll tell you what we believe and we’ll treat you the way we’d like to be treated; curiously clients tell us this is unusual.

  • Connector.


    We do what works – from experience. Our approaches are tried and tested, and the results speak for themselves (we can share details of the results of our work with you).

  • Connector.


    We work to get inside the mind of prospects: we hypothesise, we test, we review, we revise.


We’re absolutely obsessed with doing what make the most sense for our clients and will give them the best return on their investment.

We’re big into challenge, and we’re confident standing up and saying what we believe will work best for our clients – backed by evidence, where possible!

"We know that good is critical to client success."

Meet the team

We’re a small focused team of dedicated individuals – we don’t outsource any of our work, ensuring quality of delivery throughout.

We work closely together as a team and in close partnership with our clients to leverage each party’s skills and knowledge – and to ensure we deliver value.

If you’ve any questions, we’d love to speak; we’re down-to-earth, normal people with (fairly) small egos.


Christina oversees all back-office functions in the business; she handles systems, contracts and any ‘legal’ stuff.

(She also makes a rather tasty cake on occasion)


Joe works alongside Ricky on our client accounts; he also works with Justine on both Prospect research and administration.

(Joe has to watch his favourite TV shows – to avoid ANGER!)


Justine spends some time with us, the rest doing other almost-as-exciting things; since 2011 she’s overseen our research function.

(Justine can do some incredible things with paper and glue)


Ricky manages our client accounts and telephone outreach; he also helps keep Jon on track when he looks like his memory is waning.

(He’s a closet geek – but we don’t really understand it all.)


Mark is new – but soon he’ll keep all the administrative functions of the business on an even keel.

(Mark likes playing the guitar, mandolin, bass – the list goes on!)


“you’ve done what other agencies couldn’t; you’ve got us in front of the people we really want to work with”Founder, Brand Purpose Agency
“an uncanny knack of opening opportunities with new companies”Managing Director, Body Project
“You have been very refreshing to work with!”CEO, Web technology firm
“I like the fact that you’re very much part of our team…”Manager, Tech Company
“a major contribution to the subsequent growth of the business”Chief Financial Officer, ApotheCom ScopeMedical (The company sold following our work for an initial consideration of £4.6m)
“We’re delighted with the structured, involved and intelligent method of business development that you’ve delivered…”Marketing Manager, Software Company
“results have only been of the highest quality… I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.”Director, GfK NOP (The fourth largest market research firm in the world)
“great to work with… and especially good at keeping a large number of lines of enquiry moving… [Jon is] a thoroughly nice chap too!”Francis Booth, Idea Junction (The people behind The Beatles website)

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